Building a new Home

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You’ve selected the most trusted brokerage firm in SWFL. Choosing the LVCC Real Estate firm in the building process for your new home means having peace of mind. You’ll be working with a trusted and stable brokerage team and your chosen builder, who will put immeasurable time and knowledge into building your dream home.LVCC Real Estate is a distinctively accountable and valuable company in every step of the buying and building processes. Being at a great distance from your house while it is being built can still be very exciting and successfully done when you build with LVCC.

Building/buying homes is a process that’s all about you and your design choices, with support from your own on-site project manager and us at LVCC!

With LVCC Real Estate, you will have a truly unique experience from start to finish. From your first conversation with us to the final review of your dream home in Florida, LVCC is committed to providing first class customer service.

Whenever you are ready to start, we are there to accompany you on your path to your dream home.